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Ballistic method training - 3 modules

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Ballistic method training - 3 modules



We present to you the complete online course prepared by the two founders of the Ballistic Sports Association 'The Barbalians' - the first Polish macelifters in the PRO category and the only official representatives of the International Macelifting Federation in Poland. Inside our course you will find systematized knowledge, which is the result of many years of experience of its creators and the creative approach to the training system. Thanks to that approach you will learn about commonly recognized techniques in a basic form, their advanced versions and proprietary modifications.

This course has been created for people who have never trained with this type of tools as well as those who already practice ballistic training.

What is a ballistic training anyway?

It is a form of training that allows you to work simultaneously on mobility, stabilization and strength, especially on the soft structures of the scapula, shoulders and arms. It has a priceless effect on the mobility of joints and the good condition of tendons. It’s very helpful in regards to both aspects: action of injury prevention and rehabilitation. What this means practically is that it can be dedicated as a perfect supplement to physical preparation for athletes specializing in many different sports. The creators of the course have gathered a rich database of feedback from: rowers, tennis players, fighters and powerlifters with a very positive impact of ballistic training on their sports form, which perfectly complemented their shortcomings.

What makes it so special?

One of the main features of ballistic training is the strong decentralization of the grip in relation to the center of gravity of the tool. It allows movements on wide trajectories at the same time it causing high instability of the whole body. Reason for this is the decentralization of mass, the centrifugal force and the speed achieved by the tool during exercise. Therefore, it is important to ensure optimal stability of the support point of the movement during exercise: shoulder blade joints, spine, pelvis and legs, which ballistic training is meant to teach us. Additionally, in many techniques we deal with diagonal movements which activate the largest number of muscles belonging to the same muscle chain (anatomy train).

As you will experience, the uniqueness of ballistic training does not result from the exceptional visual attractiveness of the techniques, but from the unique stimuli for the body. It is thanks to this value that this form of training is gaining more and more interest.


Presents the correct forms of basic techniques performed with one clubbell. It is mainly based on techniques from the CAST group, based on the vectors of arm movements in the sagittal and frontal planes. Due to their lower dynamics, these exercises perfectly prepare the shoulder blade and shoulder girdle for more dynamic and complex techniques. In addition, the presented techniques use the effect of negative leverage, which forces the activation of the weakest links in our muscle armor. A great help for self-study are the included presentations of techniques from different perspectives and shown in slow motion. The summary of the module is the practical implementation of the techniques presented in training. For this purpose, complete training plans have been added, ready to be implemented in your own training.


It is a continuation of the previous module. Advanced forms of basic techniques are presented, including work with both hands and two tools in symmetrical and asymmetrical movements. Thanks to the mastery of the movements in several planes characteristic of ballistic training and the preparation of joint and muscle structures, it is possible to start more dynamic techniques with wider trajectories of movement, such as MILLS. As in the previous module, we offer a presentation of techniques from several perspectives and shown in slow motion. Once again, the module is summarized with ready-to-apply training plans.

“In ballistic training, its primal nature is fascinating. The fact that it contains the element of wildness, which, on the one hand, we get carried away, and on the other, requires us to tame ourselves. In addition to purely physical benefits, we receive an excellent school of humility towards the burden and the opportunity to train concentration and mindfulness, which in today's reality are very deficient skills. " - Wojtas Kośmicki – Wojtas Kośmicki


After mastering the skill of using Clubbell, thanks to the previous modules, it is possible to switch to a much more demanding tool such as Macebell. As the weight shifts distally, the difficulty of controlling it increases. The most important techniques from Mace are introduced and discussed in this module step by step. Thanks to the prepared absolutely basic regressions and discussion of common mistakes, anyone who works with this material will certainly improve their work with this tool. In addition to the flagship movements from Mace, there are also less popular ones presented, that activate structures often overlooked in strength training, but are an important component of a good form of every athlete.

“Ballistic training captivated me with its unpredictability. I remember our first meeting. The 8kg club took away my dignity! It was a terrible feeling as I had thought before that I was a fairly well trained guy. It was then that I planned my vengeance and the annihilation of all heavy clubs in Poland. I started to do everything not to give my arms a piece of iron. My heart was stolen by MACELIFTING, which relies on breaking down its barriers by perfecting the technique and pushing the limit of muscle fall. " - Michał Słomiński – Michał Słomiński




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